About us


Les P’tits Fouets is above all the story of a father of two children, Salvio 35 years old, eager to share his passion for cooking with them and whose dream has always been to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.


After completing my Foreign Trade studies at HELMO in Liège (Belgium), I quickly set foot in the world of work and found my first job in a large banking structure where I learned to analyze the needs of customers in order to offer them the most suitable solution.

Ten years later, the birth of my daughter in 2016 and still in mind the dream of creating my company...

To cook? Enjoy? As a family, with grandparents, with godmothers and godfathers… Sharing my passion for cooking with my daughter was the trigger. Wanting to get hands-on independently to do “like dad”, she used my kitchen utensils. I didn't always agree because the kitchen often ended up looking like a battlefield: the overly heavy whisk falling out of the bowl, the oversized spatula… not to mention the inevitable stains on clothes. The idea then matured little by little. Why not create real kitchen items suitable for children's sizes? After a year of reflection, in November 2019, the project materialized with the brand “Les P’tits Fouets”. You now know my project!

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